UPDATE - Hong Kong

FLAG Faith and Law Around the Globe© depends upon local volunteers.  Our headquarters team provides materials and coaching, but the real action happens when lawyers and judges catch the vision and take the initiative to organize movements where they are.  

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May the Force be with you [?]

The Star Wars franchise has entertained us for many years.  The space saga explores good and evil, the consequences of allowing the “dark side” of the force to control someone, and inspiring stories of courage and self-sacrifice.   

Unfortunately, the fictional idea of an impersonal force has influenced how some view the Holy Spirit.  This concept is a huge mistake.

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Devotional - God's Work, Man's Work

The story is told of the city slicker who visited the old farmer, admiring his productive fields, the rolling hills, verdant meadows, and refreshing ponds.  A man of religious inclination, he said to the farmer: “Isn’t it wonderful what you and God have made here?” To which the farmer, after a long and thoughtful pause, replied, “You should’ve seen it when God had it by himself.”

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