Art of Parenting

Art of Parenting.jpg

We wanted to let you know about an excellent resource called Art of Parenting that has recently been produced by Cru’s FamilyLife ministry.

If you are a parent of young children or teens, or know parents who are raising families, you will definitely want to look into this and/or pass this along.

Art of Parenting is an all-new, free digital experience designed to help individual parents, stepparents or couples instill faith in their children. You'll enjoy an in-depth library of rich and inspiring videos from all kinds of parents. These are real people sharing helpful insights from God’s Word and their purpose-filled, but not perfect, lives.

The free online course can be accessed at your individual pace, or with other parents to work through the small-group series.  

You can find the link on our PERSONAL GROWTH page or click below.