Christian Worldview


How does the way you view God and the world affect your law practice?

At our FLAG 2016 conference in South Africa, we recorded Mike Schutt discussing this issue and you can view it on this website from our Professional Growth web page.  While you are there, why not check out some of the other presentations.   

Mike is an engaging speaker with great insight.  He is the author of Redeeming Law:  Christian Calling and the Legal Profession (InterVarsity 2007), a vocation exhortation for law students and lawyers.

He is also the Director of Law Student Ministry for Christian Legal Society, Director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Christian Legal Thought. 

Mike is leading the Law Student Track at our Fourth Global Convocation in April 2019 at Orlando, FL.  Please encourage any law students you know to attend.