CLE Credits for FLAG 2019

Bob Trierweiler speaking at our FLAG 2016 global convocation in South Africa

Bob Trierweiler speaking at our FLAG 2016 global convocation in South Africa


Do you need an extra incentive to attend our FLAG 2019 convocation?

We are in the process of applying for continuing legal education credits from the Florida Bar Association for some of our sessions at our Fourth Global Convocation (FLAG 2019) in Orlando, FL, April 5-8.

Those presentation include:

  • Is It Well With Your Soul? Judge Eberhard Bertelsman (retired, South Africa) shares his experience with substance abuse and how to overcome it.

  • Integrating Faith Into My Legal World - speaker to be announced. Learn about 3 key areas of life and balancing priorities among them, and some basic principles how we should view our clients, financial dealings with them, rejecting corruption, and biblical guidance for ethical behavior.

  • The Cycle of Justice Program - FLAG International Director Robert Trierweiler will lay the foundation for understanding what the godly Cycle of Justice is and how justice can be perverted through the self-interests of legal professionals serving in the 3 spheres: legislative, the judicial system, and law enforcement. Participants will break into tracks to discuss what that looks like in their own practice areas and what they can do to make the system work to dispense true justice. .

  • The Pepperdine Law School Partnership with Uganda - Jim Gash (USA). Jim is a law professor and former dean at Pepperdine Law School, and was recently selected as the University’s new president. He will share his experience with the Ugandan government in reforming its criminal justice system. Included is a viewing of the documentary firm, Remand, which is the true story of an African boy, an American lawyer (Jim Gash), and their long road to justice.

  • Combating Corruption - Chandimal Mendis of Sri Lanka will share his efforts to combat corruption is his own country and the lessons we can learn from it.

  • Mediation - Anne Marie Cavazos, a professor at Florida A&M University Law School will present a seminar on Mediation.

  • Religious Freedom - Tehmina Arora, an ADF International representative in India, will present on the challenges currently faced by religious minorities in India and the legal assistance provided by ADF.

  • Christian Ethics: A Case Study - Barbara Chan (Hong Kong). She will speak on how biblical principles concerning good character should influence how we practice law.

Packets of materials including credentials, course descriptions and outlines will be available to any participant who wishes to apply for credit in their own jurisdictions.

Lynn Maynard