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Are you mentoring a new follower of Jesus?  Or maybe you yourself have never gone through a step-by-step process covering the basics of the Christian life.  

If so, FLAG has resources that can help.  

1. Start with the 4 Spiritual Laws to make sure you have have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Read more here.  

2. Then go to the Role of the Holy Spirit.  Many argue that living a Christian life is not just difficult, but impossible -- and so it is if we try to do so in our own strength.  Jesus said he would send us a Comforter and Counselor, the Holy Spirit, who will guide us and give us strength, if we will just let Him.  Read more here.  

3. Learn basic truths in the FOUNDATION series, based on Cru's four-lesson study for new believers, adapted for legal professionals.    The Cru discussion series has helped thousands of people.  Each lesson of FOUNDATIONS builds upon the previous one, and together they furnish a practical understanding which will enable you to begin experiencing the Christian life as God intends.

Session 1:  Confidence.  Gain confidence in your relationship with Jesus, understand five truths about this relationship, .deal with doubts, and learn how to grow spiritually.    

Session 2: Acceptance.  Understanding your new identity in Christ sets you free to be all God created you to be.  Discover truths about the new you, understand your need for God's love and forgiveness, learn about the basis for God's love and forgiveness, then experience and grow in Him.

Session 3: Empowerment.  The Holy Spirit is the source of the power to live the Christian life, but many Christians are not experiencing His power.  Discover how you can be continuously empowered by the Holy Spirit 

Session 4: Development.  What does it mean to "grow in Christ"?  Learn how to do it in partnership with the Holy Spirit.  

These materials are free to download and use at the links listed above.  

We are currently working on more extensive training materials.  Please let us know if you have any topics you would like us to cover.