Taking Your Next Steps


In the final presentation at FLAG 2019 in April, Dela Adadevoh describes the strategy to reach legal professionals and their cities around the world. Hear how you can become involved.

Delanyo Adadevoh, Ph.D., is Global Vice President of Campus Crusade for Christ International and founder and president of International Leadership Foundation.

Dr. Adadevoh joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ International in 1980. He served in the campus ministry in his home country Ghana, as National Director of Ghana, and as the West Africa Regional Director before becoming the Director of Affairs for Eastern Africa and later for Southern and Eastern Africa. In 1999 he was appointed Vice President for Africa, the Middle East and the Central Asian Republics. He currently serves as Vice President of Global Leadership. Dr. Adadevoh founded the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) with the objective of developing leaders of integrity who are able to lead holistic transformation in society. He also serves as Chairman of the African Forum on Religion and Government (AFReG).

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