UPDATE - Hong Kong

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FLAG Faith and Law Around the Globe© depends upon local volunteers.  Our headquarters team provides materials and coaching, but the real action happens when lawyers and judges catch the vision and take the initiative to organize movements where they are.  

Such was the case for the FLAG Asian Lawyers Leadership Summit.  

Victor Yau

Since 2013, Victor Yau is Vice Managing Partner of Yu Sun Yau Mak in Hong Kong.  Not only is Victor an accomplished lawyer, he has a heart to serve God.  After attending FLAG global conferences, he wanted to use the FLAG strategy to reach legal professionals in his region of the world.  In collaboration with attorneys from Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong, he formed a planning team for the Summit.  The FLAG headquarters team met with them via Skype to help the planning process.  

Andrew Ong

Andrew Ong, a retired Partner of Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP, was another member of the planning team.  He also had attended and spoken at previous FLAG global conferences.  In an invitation to a colleague, he wrote:

This Asian Lawyers Summit, supported by FLAG, is being organised by an Asian grouping of lawyers whose legal practices and lives have been greatly influenced by FLAG and its values. Most have attended previous global FLAG events.
In keeping with the objectives of FLAG, a Christ-transformed perspective to lawyer, relationship building and mentorship across Asia, inspiring the vision and purpose of the Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered lawyer as well united prayer will be the themes of the Summit.
— Andrew Ong

A small but mighty group of about 25 lawyers gathered for the Summit.  They heard from speakers such as: 

  • Ms Christine Barbara Chan (Retired Judge, District Court Judge) who spoke on the topics "Towards a Clearer Understanding of the Kingdom for Legal Professional" and "Injecting the Leaven of the Kingdom into the Legal Profession." 
  • The Honorable Stephen Lam Sui-lung (formerly Chief Secretary of the Hong Kong Government) talked about "Exercising Leadership by Following the Lord."

The planning team will use these contacts to launch groups of legal professionals in various parts of Asia.  

We encourage everyone who attends a FLAG conference to consider hosting one in their own country or region.  These meetings act as catalysts to bring lawyers, judges, legislators, administrators, law professors and law students together to hear about what God is doing in the legal community and catch the vision about how FLAG can help legal professionals to be effective representatives of Christ within their spheres of influence.  You can start small and build big.