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    If we do not have your logo submitted to us by the deadline, February 1, 2019, it cannot be included in our proceedings book although we can post it on our website and the splash screen at the convocation.

2019 Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

These regulations have been formulated in the best interest of all concerned, and any matters not covered here are subject to the decisions of FLAG Faith and Law Around the Globe®.  FLAG reserves the right to accept or reject any application.  Exhibitor space is limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

 Location of Exhibits

The exhibition areas will be in the conference area of Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort Conference Center.  FLAG reserves the right to make modifications as needed to adjust the floor plan at any time to meet the needs of the exhibit, the exhibitors, the event, or the requirements of the Resort. 

 Installation and Dismantling

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to install the exhibit before 6:00 pm, Thursday, April 4, 2019, and to dismantle it by 4 pm on April 8, 2019.  If said space is not occupied within one hour before the official opening session of the conference on Friday morning, FLAG will have the right to use such space as it sees fit to eliminate a gap in the exhibition area. 


Shipping and insurance of the displays are the responsibility of the exhibitor.  The exhibitor will reimburse any charges to FLAG from the Resort for receiving, storing, shipping, and related exhibitor services not handled by the exhibitor directly.  The exhibitor is responsible for contacting the Resort to identify any specific needs not included in the FLAG exhibitor regulations.  The following is the Mail/Package Delivery Policy for the Resort:

If you plan on having packages delivered to the hotel prior to or during your stay, address them as follows and to the attention of the guest whose name appears on the reservation:

Wyndham Buena Vista Disney Springs® Resort Area

Attn: _____________________________

1850 Hotel Plaza Boulevard

P.O. Box 22202

Lake Buena Vista, FL  32830-8406


Once packages have been received at the hotel, a bellman will store them.  Upon request we will then either bring the boxes to the lobby upon your arrival or have them delivered to your room.  A handling fee of $5 or more per package may be added to your hotel bill. 

Badges and Registration

Participant badges will be given to each registrant.  Registration must be completed separately for each participant.  Upon acceptance of an Exhibitor’s application, you will be sent instructions about how to register with the applicable discount codes.  Housing is not included in the registration fees but is a separate expense that you may add during your registration.

 Use of Space

You may provide your own tabletop display or standing display, but standing displays should not exceed 8’ width and 8’ height.  At this time, we do not know the depth limitations.

All demonstration or other promotional activities must be confined within the limits of the exhibit space.  There must be sufficient space remaining to contain conference participants visiting the booth to participate in such activities.  Exhibitors may not move any furniture without the prior consent of the Resort and/or FLAG.

 All displays and exhibits must conform to city code, fire regulations and Resort policy.  Articles cannot be tacked, taped or fastened to walls, ceilings or fixtures.  Placement of signage & banners must be under the supervision of the Resort Management.  Labor Fees may apply.  The use of confetti, floral, or other supplied décor and enhancements must be approved in advance by the Resort.  Cleanup charge will apply.

 Exhibitors shall not assign, sublease, or share allotted space without the knowledge and consent of FLAG.  Exhibited items are limited to goods manufactured or distributed by the exhibitor in its regular course of business.  An organization not purchasing exhibit space will not be permitted to solicit business during the conference.

 Interference with the light and/or space of other exhibitors is prohibited, as is exposing an unfinished display surface to a neighboring exhibitor. FLAG reserves the right to require an exhibitor to alter an exhibit on site.  Necessary changes shall be made at the exhibitor’s expense and are subject to the approval of FLAG.


Exhibitors are permitted to make sales in the exhibit area only.  Obtaining the appropriate licenses and/or permits as required by law, collecting and remitting sales tax, and complying with any other legal business requirements are solely the responsibility of the exhibitors.


FLAG reserves the right to restrict exhibits that become objectionable because of noise, method of operation, materials, or for any other reason, and also to prohibit or to evict any exhibit that, in the opinion of FLAG may detract from the general character of the conference as a whole.  In the event of such a restriction or eviction, the conference will not be liable for any refunds or other exhibit expenses.  No communication or distribution of materials inconsistent with the Statements of Faith of FLAG’s parent ministry, Cru / Campus Crusade for Christ Inc. (See “About us” at  www.FLAGglobal.org) may be made at the conference.

Payment and Cancellation

Payment is due within seven (7) business days of application acceptance.  All cancellations must be made in writing to FLAG.  If notification is received by close of business EDT on March 4, 2019, all monies, less a non-refundable deposit of $75, will be returned; however, no refunds will be made after this date.  Failure to occupy exhibition space in no way releases the exhibitor from the obligation to pay for the full cost of the requested space.  In the event of flood, fire, strikes, riots, civil commotion, or other uncontrollable circumstances that render the exhibit area unfit or unavailable for use, all monies paid for the exhibition space will be refunded.

Care of Building and Equipment

Exhibitors or their agents must not injure or deface the walls or floors of the building, the exhibit space, or the equipment of the exhibit space.  Nothing shall be posted on, tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors, ceilings, or other parts of the building or furniture.  Distribution of promotional gummed stickers or labels is strictly prohibited.  When damage appears, the exhibitor is liable to the Resort.   Any materials and/or labor that are necessary or proper for the protection of the building, equipment, or furniture will be at the expense of the exhibitor.

Mailing Lists

Exhibitors may compile a mailing list by direct solicitation of persons visiting their booth; however, compiling or using in any form a mailing list of conference participants from any other source is strictly prohibited.  Compliance with local and international privacy laws and regulations are solely the responsibility of the exhibitors.


Neither FLAG, Cru, Campus Crusade for Christ Inc., nor their officers, directors, agents, or employees, are liable for damages or losses that may occur to an exhibitor, or to an exhibitor’s employees or property, from any cause whatsoever.  The exhibitor, upon signing the application, agrees to hold forever harmless the aforementioned and the Resort from any and all liability, claims, losses, and expenses for personal injury, accident, property damage, or loss arising out of, in, at, or in connection with the exhibitor’s display, including losses arising from cancellation of the conference.


FLAG will not provide security.  Exhibitors are solely responsible for their own exhibit materials and should insure their exhibit against loss or damage from theft, accident, vandalism, fire, or other causes.  FLAG and the Resort shall not assume responsibility for the damage or loss to items left in the Resort or set-up prior to and during functions.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be construed under and governed by the laws of the State of Florida, U.S.A.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement is the complete understanding of the parties in respect of the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes all prior agreements relating to the same subject matter.  The parties may modify this Agreement only by written instrument signed by each of the parties hereto.  Failure by either party to enforce a provision of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of that or any other provision of the Agreement.   Any verbal modifications of this instrument shall be of no force and effect.            


Robert L. Trierweiler, International Director of FLAG Faith and Law Around the Globe, Representative of Cru / Campus Crusade for Christ Inc.   

Representative of Organization submitting the application as indicated in the form above.