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What is FLAG?

Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG) is a worldwide network of lawyers, judges, law faculty and students. FLAG exists to:

  1. Reach legal professionals with the gospel
  2. Train and equip those in the legal community to recognize and use their professional platform and network of relationships to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ; and
  3. Provide an opportunity for intercultural fellowship and discussion that helps them integrate their faith with their work, and address how the Bible speaks to the problems facing their communities, nations, and the world.

The key to bringing about true societal transformation for any county is to reach the hearts and minds of the leaders and influencers with the transforming power of the gospel. By the grace of God, legal professionals are such leaders and influencers. They have God-given platforms and relationships that can be used to reach their spheres of influence with the message of salvation and transformation by the renewing of their minds with biblical principles.

What are Platforms and Spheres of Influence?

In the case of legal professionals, "platforms" are their profession, which gives them a voice of authority and leadership. "Spheres of Influence" are the areas where they can make an impact. These areas include:

  • Personal lives. Growing in their faith and allowing God to transform them.
  • Family and friends. Devoting more time to their intimate circles of relationships resulting in marriages that are firmly grounded in God, opportunities to teach their children about faith and a relationship with God, and living out a godly lifestyle with their friends.
  • Work. Living a life of integrity and humility as they interact with co-workers, other legal professionals, and clients.
  • Local community. Reaching out to towns and cities through church activities, Bible studies, addressing local issues using biblical principles, and being good stewards of God’s creation.
  • Their nation and the world. Addressing national and global issues from a biblical viewpoint.
  • Face-to-face networking and connection with other legal professionals from around the world.
  • Evangelism training and materials that help them use their platform to share the gospel.
  • Discipleship materials to encourage them spiritually and give them the tools to help others grow.
  • An emphasis on walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Consistent encouragement for developing a closer relationship with God.
  • Guidance for the ways they can integrate faith into the practice of law.
  • A holistic view of reaching all sectors of the Cycle of Justice, helping them advance biblical justice.

FLAG uses a combination of global convocations, regional and national conferences, and ongoing local gatherings of lawyers, judges, law professors, and students. These events act as catalysts to ignite faith, inspire integrity, and initiate change in the legal community.

1. Global Convocations are designed to encourage those in attendance to return to their home countries and launch FLAG movements. They cast vision for what God can accomplish through people yielded to Him. A desired outcome is that global convocations will lead to national and regional conferences.

Where have global convocations been held? FLAG convened international conferences in Berlin (2008), Hong Kong (2013), and South Africa (2016).

When and where is the next global convocation? The next global convocation will be held April 4-8, 2019, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

2. Regional and national FLAG conferences are designed to generate local gatherings. Those already involved in FLAG share best practices for integrating faith in their legal work. Participants encourage each other personally and spiritually. Those in attendance from countries without a FLAG movement are encouraged t return home to launch one.

Where have FLAG regional and national conferences been held?

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Gabon
  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast
  • Middle East
  • Hong Kong
  • Uganda
  • Kenya

What happens after a national or regional FLAG conference? Ideally, the organizers of a national conference will have a plan to maintain contact with each conference delegate, providing a natural opportunity to extend invitations to monthly or weekly gatherings.

3. Local Gatherings. Ongoing local gatherings may include Bible study, prayer, discussion about how faith can impact their personal lives and their legal practice, and provide help for overcoming challenges.

Are there examples of spiritual movements developing as an outgrowth of FLAG?

Two representatives from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) attended the Berlin global convocation in 2008. Five years later, four legal professionals and one Campus Crusade for Christ staff member attended the global convocation in Hong Kong. They came with a vision to return to the DRC and conduct a FLAG conference.

In 2014, they held the first national conference in Lubumbashi which was attended by approximately 50 people. Immediately following the conference, our team introduced about 50 more legal professionals to the purposes and mission of FLAG. In 2015 the DRC leadership team held their second FLAG conference, in the capital city of Kinshasa, where another 55 people attended. A movement was clearly beginning.

A delegation of 38 lawyers, judges, and magistrates from DRC attended the 2016 global convocation in South Africa. They returned home to hold their third FLAG national conference, in Kinshasa, an event that was attended by 148 legal professionals. This conference was completely organized and staffed locally. This gathering resulted in new FLAG groups in two additional provinces within the DRC.

The DRC FLAG leadership team is now serving as a resource for other countries within Francophone Africa who desire to hold national FLAG conferences. A similar movement is underway in several countries in the Middle East. God is on the move!

Are FLAG movements leading to changes in local societies?

Within the DRC and several other countries in Francophone Africa, there is a movement afoot to reject the systems of corruption that have long plagued their legal systems. Those attending FLAG conferences are banding together to, in the words of one local FLAG leader, “revolt against corruption” in their legal practices and courtrooms. These commitments are being made in response to God's call on their hearts to be men and women of integrity whose actions will be pleasing in the eyes of their Lord and Savior.

Will FLAG help me develop a FLAG program for my country or region?

Absolutely! Please contact us. A FLAG staff member will put you in touch with any local FLAG groups that may already exist in your area. If there is none, we’ll work with you to help you develop a FLAG program for your country in conjunction with a local Campus Crusade for Christ office.


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