general release for media recording


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I, the undersigned, do hereby grant or deny permission to Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG), a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc. (CCCI), to use the image(s) of myself as marked by my selection below.
: I grant CCCI the worldwide, perpetual right, unrestricted permission, release, and license (collectively “Release”) to 1) film, photograph, video and/or record my voice, image and appearance and actions for the filming/photography/recording (“Images/Recording”) of my participation, including my speaking, at a Faith and Law Around the Globe sponsored event entitled FLAG 2019 Orlando, Florida, “Bringing Light to the Nations” on April 4-8, 2019 (“Event”) and 2) to have all rights, in CCCI’s discretion, to copyright, use and re-use, publish, re-publish, display, perform, store, transmit, stream, broadcast, use as stock footage, alter, edit and make derivative works of and from the Images/Recording of the Event and for any other purpose of trade, sale, license, promotion and marketing, advertising, ministry activity, project, product, translation, activity or use, commercial or non-commercial, that CCCI deems appropriate, using all media, devices or formats now known or later developed. This Release includes, but is not limited to, uses in films, videos, print, mobile apps, internet or web site postings, streaming or transmissions in audio, electronic, or print format, audio and/or video dramatizations, and radio programs, advertising, publicity, and promotional materials, products in all formats, live events and any other activities of or by CCCI, affiliated organizations or Licensees (collectively, “Uses”). I agree that these may be used by CCCI and FLAG for a variety of purposes and that these images may be used without further notifying me.