No Stranger to FLAG: Interview with Norbert Kirsch

Norbert Kirsch No stranger to FLAG.jpg


This presentation was an interview given by Norbert Kirsch at the Third FLAG Global Convocation in 2016 in South Africa.   

Norbert is on the FLAG International Leadership Team.  He has attended every FLAG global convocation since the beginning in Berlin in 2008, so he truly is 'no stranger to FLAG.'  

He was born in northern Germany near Hanover.  Since 1983 he has run a law firm in the city of Berlin, specializing in real estate and conveyance, family law and inheritance law. He is a Civil Law Notary and qualified for judgeship.  He has given advanced training courses in inheritance law with reference to international cases and in family law and published a book about The Bible and FInances. He is an active member of one of the major political parties in Germany, where he has served several years as vice chairman on the board of a local chapter.

For almost two decades, Norbert has served as the chairman of The Lawyer’s Christian Fellowship in Germany called “Christ und Recht e.V” which he founded with others in 1994.  He is a member of the Evangelical Free Church. He has been awarded the “Certificate of Minister LIcense” from the International Pentecostal Holiness Churches Europe, and serves as musician, teacher, and preacher.

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