Corruption: A Rejection of Integrity

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This presentation was given at the Third Global Convocation in 2016 in South Africa.  

Chandimal is an attorney-at-law, legal adviser, and consultant.  He was educated at Trinity College, Kandy, Sri Lanka, and thereafter enrolled at the Sri Lanka Law College, Colombo.  In his early career, he worked under several President's Counsels, and was the youngest member of the Consultative Committees of the Ministry of Finance.

He is now a commercial lawyer with 18 years of practice, and has been a political adviser and legal counsel for the United National Party in Sri Lanka for over 10 years.  He was a member of the drafting Committee of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, and currently serves on the Committee drafting a new Republican Constitution for Sri Lanka.

Chandimal is also CEO of the Sri Lanka Cricketers Association, and a director of numerous corporations including World Vision Sri Lanka, Natwealth Corporation and Natwealth Securities (Pvt) Limited, and is a Member of the Board of Governors of Trinity College, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

For over 4 years until September 2015, he was Chairman for the Commission for Justice and Peace, National Christian Council of Sri Lanka.  He has been committed to the areas of Social Justice, Social Welfare, and has been vocal on recognition of rights, eradication of corruption, and creating equal opportunity with regard to dignity of life. 

This session was not recorded, however you may download the notes below.