Sponsor (1) Speaker

Sponsor (1) Speaker

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Registration: $525


Suggested Honorarium: $500 (this may include meal expenses not included in registration and help with airfare).

Sponsor one (1) speaker:
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Many of our speakers come at their own expense.  Others, especially from more developing nations, need help.  We don't want to miss out on their wonderful contributions to our convocation, so we are asking you to help with expenses.

Registration $525

Hotel $

Both $

If you would like to offer an honorarium, we suggest $500 or $1000.  These will help with airfare, visa applications, and meals not included in the conference registration.

If you would like to give a recurring gift to the scholarship fund that can be used for FLAG 2019 and other conferences, please go to: https://give.cru.org/201804-flag.html