We will have delegates from French-speaking West Africa, Arabic Middle East, and Spanish Latin America. You can help these brothers and sisters to better understand the convocation and be full participants.

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If you have ever attended a conference that was not in your native language, you know how hard it is to understand what is going on and to participate at a meaningful level. 

While many lawyers and law students may be able to read some English, they usually are not conversant enough in English to be able to fully enjoy the Convocation, unless we have interpreters and translators.

At our last global convocation, we had strong representation from French-speaking West Africa and Arabic-speaking Middle East.  We intend to add Spanish at FLAG 2019.  Providing this service is expensive - in translation equipment, fees for the interpreters, and headphones for the participants.  Will you help make FLAG 2019 a great experience for our brothers and sisters from other lands?